Network Management

Your network should not be causing you problems if it's properly configured, but for many small businesses it is a source of constant annoyance and consternation. So let's be clear on what a network is A network can be any system that consists of two or more computers or devices, including printers, connected through a router, switch or modem .Depending on your needs, you may have a separate firewall device, POE switches, smart switches, and servers.

Most of the time, these devices (once setup) will run without additional intervention for a long time. Servers and firewalls, however, do require ongoing maintenance and updates.

Losing your connection to the Internet can be a real problem for some organizations, because when the external network goes down it eliminates the ability to connect with your customers. If you're on a T-1 or better, the probabilities of your Internet connection going down are low. However, if like many small businesses you opt for a cable connection or a DSL setup, you are more likely to lose that connection. It comes down to a question of cost and the criticality of allowing for downtime.



Remote Access and Monitoring

If your systems allow it, we can repair many issues via remote access using your VPN or through the installation of dedicated software. While not all issues can be remedied this way, we can check on the health of your network and individual computers and components, install upgrades, check anti-virus and anti-spyware software, remove adware and even maintain your phone system.


Security on your network is an often overlooked but critical part of your overall business. If you watch the news you may be worried about hackers getting your data and sensitive corporate information. And, in truth, you should be concerned. However, most businesses get hacked because they don't follow the basics: have strong passwords, never share them and change them on a regular basis. If you have a wireless network, make sure the access key is secure and, if need be, set up a guest network for visitors that keeps them isolated from your work network.

We can help you maintain your network, check your security, monitor and maintain your connections and give you a fail-over. system for when your network does go down.

Getting Everything Connected

Smart phones, smart devices; they are everywhere and people are using them extensively to stay connected to email, to the cloud and to company servers. We can help make sure that your connections are optimized and synchronized so that you always have the latest information.

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